Trauma Informed Massage

We believe in the healing potential of Massage for those that have experienced trauma...

Trauma Informed Massage Approach

60 min session - $100

(concessions available for students & unemployed)

Mark Ludlam

For those in a therapeutic process where touch therapy can be incorporated into your recovery plan. You must be supported by a mental health social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

Carefully designed for each client to improve a sense of self, well-being and confidence. The effects of trauma on the body and mind have been well documented, the scars are often well hidden but affect functioning normally in the world. Bodywork bypasses the trauma story and works directly with the body systems to recover feelings of ease, peace and a good relationship with the body and self.

An initial consult over a cup of tea to discuss a treatment plan, view the treatment room and get a feel for what is possible is recommended.

Treatment can be given fully clothed if required. An environment of acceptance, flexibility and gentleness is what I aim for as we develop a relationship that will support you to overcome the trauma you have experienced in order for you to live the life you desire.

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I just wanted to share with you the positivity that was today - despite a very busy day at work for the first time in goodness how many years I actually thought to myself ... WOW this is how people that don’t suffer with anxiety must feel ... like all the time ... it was a welcome change and whilst I know I still have a long way to go but that glimpse of what it could be was just MAGICAL ... THANK YOU 🙏

~ Kirsty Frier

Meet Your Trainer:

Mark Luland


Mark Luland

"I find my trauma-informed massage and bodywork approach best suited for anyone that is feeling numb, persistent pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD and keen to heal from whatever happened "

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