Cultivating Compassion Mentorship – 12 months (Online)


Do you truly want to make a lasting difference to your life in 2022?

Have you struggled with mindfulness and meditation, compassion and breathwork and looking for regular, person centred classes held weekly with the same group of individuals to help deepen, connect and explore the truth of who you are?
This mentorship is purely donation only, with a maximum of 15 people. These people will work closely together, under the guidance of experienced teacher and practitioner, Dan Ireland.

What will this help?


Emotional Regulation, Emotional Understanding, Connection, Compassion, Social Awareness, Stress, Anxiety & Trauma


Dan Ireland, your course trainer, is a Psychotherapist, Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, Compassion & Mindfulness Accredited Teacher and Tibetan Buddhist.


You’ll get the tools and actionable step-by-step materials you need to make this journey, this process enjoyable, relatable and heart strengthening.


January 2022  (COURSE FULL) – Thank You!!


Online via Teams and Zoom


Donation per week/month, based on what you can afford that week (even if it is $0).

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Cultivating Compassion Mentorship – 12 months (online) with Dan Ireland

In today’s high stress, constantly changing reality, professional success and your own peace of mind are dependent on developing emotional resilience and coping skills. Your presentation or analytical skills may not be as important as your ability to control emotional reactivity, build solid connections with colleagues and develop your sense of self-inquiry for the long-term. Cultivating Compassion Mentorship – 12 months (online)

That’s why we have put together this 12 month Program (previously unavailable to the public).

Built using the latest research, the mentorship is based on the understanding that well-being is a muscle that can be trained, supporting reduced stress, improved relationships, increased focus, and better health.

Your training will include:
  • At least 2 compulsory 8-week focused workshops featuring 90 minute sessions each week with International Facilitator and Founder of Awareful, Mindful Gold Coast and The GFTC, Dan Ireland.
  • 2 x 3/4 days retreats
  • Weekly meet-ups to explore meditation, mindfulness, compassion, interdependence and
  • Sessions that will explore the four pillars of a healthy mind: Attention (Be Present), Resilience (Feel Connected), Insight (Get Curious), and Compassion (The Key to it All).
  • Opportunities to connect with your fellow students, access to hundreds of hours of meditations and videos to support your practice
  • Opportunity for extra one-on-one coaching sessions.
When you have completed the mentorship you will be able to:
  • Reduce emotional reactivity Cultivating Compassion Mentorship – 12 months (online)
  • Improve relationships and communication
  • Gain self-awareness and reduce rumination
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Explore your sense of purpose and stay motivated – even when times are hard
It is possible to develop greater resilience for the long-term, regardless of the ups and downs of life. 
How much out of class work will be involved? 

About 1 – 1.5 hours per week, including application of the various tools supporting mindfulness (not just meditation), watching recorded webinars and optional participation in a private group with your cohort. Cultivating Compassion Mentorship – 12 months (online)

Who can sign up?

We are thrilled to offer this course to anyone over 18

You will learn life long habits for well-being and skills to support a healthy mind in the workplace. (Note: if you are a teenager who is not yet 18, email to find out if you are eligible.)

Where is it located?

Online (via Teams & Zoom)


Purely Donation only

Date & Time:’

Days and times will differ throughout the year and may also include weekend practices too. 




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