Do you feel like you are withdrawing from society?

Social Withdrawal, or avoiding social situations, like not wanting to catch up with friends and family, is a reaction to how you are feeling... It can also include no longer wanting to take part in sports, activities, hobbies and skills.

Social Withdrawal or Emotionally Distant? Maybe you know someone who is...

What is Human Givens and how can it help?

Growth from Trauma Centre, Burleigh Heads

Social withdrawal can be both a symptom and a cause of anxiety...

Are you spending increasingly more time alone because you think no one understands what you’ve experienced or what you’re going through?

Are you avoiding social situations because you might be reminded of things you hope to forget? Do you avoid others because you feel you should be able to deal with challenges on your own? These can be signs of social withdrawal or social isolation.

Social withdrawal is avoiding people and activities you would usually enjoy. For some people, this can progress to a point of social isolation, where you may even want to avoid contact with family and close friends and just be by yourself most of the time.

You may want to be alone because you feel it’s tiring or upsetting to be with other people. Sometimes a vicious cycle can develop where the more time you spend alone, the less you feel like people understand you. And the less you feel like people understand you, the more time you want to spend alone.

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