Trauma may not be what you think...

How would you know if you are being affected by particular events or circumstances that are happening in your life? Whether you recognised them as being traumatic or not...

How does trauma affect your brain?

Growth from Trauma Centre, Burleigh Heads

If you felt anything on these videos relates to you, it may be worth exploring how our process could help you grow and heal from trauma and the symptoms of trauma.

Trauma-informed care is based on the understanding that:

  • a significant number of people living with mental health conditions have experienced trauma in their lives
  • trauma may be a factor for people in distress
  • the impact of trauma may be unknown to the person
  • trauma can impact the person, their emotions and relationships with others.

Trauma is defined by the impact that an experience has had on the individual rather than by the event itself.​​​

Symptoms of unprocessed trauma may be poor coping skills, sleeping issues, relationship problems, issues socialising, depression among many more…

GCTRC’s core trauma-informed principles follow the 4R’s:

  • Realises – we realise that trauma is widespread (70% of all people will experience a significant trauma)
  • Recognise – the signs or symptoms of trauma
  • Respond – with care and understanding using the latest in trauma research
  • Resist Retraumatising – we understand that it was hard enough experiencing this event once, and will not require you to continue to relive it.

We promise too:

  • Build a Trust Relationship – this is without question. Confidential, Non-Judgemental, Collaborative
  • Empowerment – is why we do what we do…
  • Respect for Diversity

Trauma-informed approaches do not involve trying to distinguish “symptoms” from the impact of trauma – they recognise that “symptoms” are often responses to trauma.

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