Some recent testimonials:

Since the murder of my son, this has been the first time I have been free of the constant bombardment of images and guilt.

It has helped me to remember him the way I would want too. I can’t thank you enough.

I have not been able to drive my car anywhere since the head on collision with a drunk driver.

Immediately when I got in the car again I wasn’t wracked with fear and anxiety. It was almost like it had never happened, like I was back to how I felt prior to the accident, I hope that makes sense.

In terms of relief from the trauma, your process is incredible, thank you.

Just wanted to thank you again for your beautiful work with Pxxx. Not only you got him out of the darkness he was in but also gave him the tools to cope with things in the future. As a result, he has been accepted as an apprentice at a local accountancy firm, XXXX XXXX. So he’s out here with us on the family holiday, driving around northern Italy, enjoying his last weeks of ‘freedom’!

I have also been reflecting on my reactions since the sessions and it’s very weird but they have really changed - there have been a lot of people in our house this week with lots of visitors every day too which After a couple of days I would started to feel on edge and wanting to start my OCD cleaning/ tidying/ worrying that things were getting out of control and I kept waiting to feel this way but nothing came of it ... I have really felt another shift and although there are niggles it’s ok! - the power of your positivity and learnings from your Guru and me trying something positive to make a difference in my life!

I can safely say that the sessions have made a huge difference to my overall balance and approach – having the benefit of being able to compare this exam sitting with the one I did same time last year, I was far better equipped to recognise and address the crescendos in anxiety.

I know we only scratched the surface of your world, but I am truly grateful for your time, instruction and guidance – it is definitely something I will continue to pursue, but without the narrow focus on exam pressure and hopefully a far broader and enduring application to my life. Thank you

II have been wandering around in the darkness for such a long time .... Existing, just !!!
I don't live , I exist !!!
I have asked so many questions .... What is the point of my life now .... Etc why carry on ...... Etc etc
I do,and say Wat people want ....

But you have helped me a lot ... So many things u have said have resonated with me ....
I hope u don't mind me writing this , but I just needed to give u an idea where I've come from to get a sense of the value you have added by helping me .... U give yr own time for others and u need to know what a difference you make to some people !!!!!!!

I just wanted to share with you the positivity that was today - despite a very busy day at work for the first time in goodness how many years I actually thought to myself ... WOW this is how people that don’t suffer with anxiety must feel ... like all the time ... it was a welcome change and whilst I know I still have a long way to go but that glimpse of what it could be was just MAGICAL ... THANK YOU 🙏

I wanted to thank you for showing me a different way of viewing/dealing with life. I will use what you have shown me to hopefully further me. I am still really annoyed that you understood me ,but also pleased because you have helped me get out of a hole and the misery I had become.( even more miffed now). Have to admit I was a bit panicked when I knew you were going as your classes had sorta become a sanctuary. But I feel at peace enough to deal with that. I will clearly have to use your Soundcloud messages. My deepest appreciation and much Love in your general direction.

Just wanted to share my experience with you.
In March my world fell apart when my 14 year relationship ended.
Through your sessions I have finally coped with the situation in a better way than I would have done before.
I am also enjoying the meditation classes again now.
Thank you for helping me look at things in a different more positive way.

``My 5 year old daughter is terminally ill and I suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety around that. I am usually in a panicked state a lot of the time.

As I mentioned in our last session, we were in her hospital during the week and I really found the whole experience a lot easier using the mindfulness techniques you had shown us. I've also just felt a lot less overwhelmed generally and a lot more able to cope. After I apply some of your techniques, I am just left with a sense that everything is alright and what will be, will be.

I know I have a long way to go but it feels as though you have shown me a way of finding a little bit of peace of mind and a little bit of peace which then has a really powerful effect on the rest of my day”

I really enjoyed this course. It reminded me of the benefits of mindfulness, compassion and generally taking a more mindful attitude to life.

All the mental health guidance was really helpful and felt like a great foundation for a better way of dealing with these 'disruptive emotions', as Dan puts it so well.

I’d recommend this course as a way to press ‘reset’ on the way you think about your mental health and how to manage it.

The course was amazing! I have seen so many positive changes over the last couple of weeks. I am practicing both the formal and informal forms of meditation and mindfulness and I am so much happier, confident and calmer.

I know you said it’s down to me but your sessions and teachings have been what has changed it for me, I have read so many books on the subject and done courses, I even went off to the UK a while back to do a weekend retreat but struggled to get it.
I’ve had a few plummets this week, but I have began to sit differently, more softly with with the feelings, and come out the other side feeling ok rather than spiralling down which is fantastic. My family are benefiting too. Thank goodness!

I am finding this whole experience enlightening.

I was a bit sceptical about psychotherapy and mindfulness when signing up for it, but I came into it with an open mind and I have to say this is probably one of the best things I have done. I literally cannot believe how well they work.

I feel like as if a weight has been lifted, I am no longer reliving the memory over and over, and the mindfulness, it has showed me a way of treating myself with the respect I deserve.