Collaboration is the key

We are everything you would hope a wholistic centre focused on healing, resilience and wellbeing would be...

A process of trust and understanding

Trauma and Mental Health is different for all people, which means we grow and heal in many differing ways... which is why we have created a centre to cater to all peoples healing needs.

At GFTC, Gold Coast, you will find a dedicated and professional team of trauma informed allied health professionals including psychotherapists, fitness experts, yoga teachers, massage therapists, pilates instructors and mindfulness teachers.

Our diverse therapy team offer clients a range of modalities with the aim of meeting whatever needs they may have for improving lives and relationships. GCTRC is an inclusive practice and we welcome clients from diverse backgrounds.


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What to Expect

When you arrive at the GFTC at Awareful

We will take the time to understand what has worked and what hasn't so we are not repeating past mistakes.

Our individual sessions and programs have been designed to help build trust and confidence, improve connection and communication, as well as develop sustainable strategies to improve your day to day life.

ARRIVAL: 1st Face to Face Session

We will explore your goals for therapy, alongside what you have explored in the past.


Together we will work out a plan to help soften the negative effects of trauma or symptoms of poor mental health


Every three months we will review your progress free of charge, and adjust together where we feel is necessary

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